Who am I right now.

 ​As an artist, I allow myself to go down the rabbit hole and be vulnerable to the art itself without fear or trepidation. When I explore new subjects, different mediums or untried techniques, my approach is enthusiastic and spontaneous with wonderment and curiosity for the unfamiliar.  I thrive on knowing there are many ways to stretch my imagination and push it beyond its own known bounds.  


My style and my bead techniques are unique, developed and implemented in my studio in Charlotte, North Carolina that I share with my husband, and two dogs.  Until recently I was also a professor of Interior Architecture at UNC in Greensboro, NC, so I believe in sharing knowledge and encouraging other to pursue their passions.  I'm so blessed that my work allows me to indulge in some of my favorite past times, traveling, exploring nature and meeting new people.  

Sabrina Frey               sabrinafrey@ymail.com               850-567-8517