Portfolio of Past Work

This is a small sampling of artwork that is already SOLD, however if your interested in having one similar we can talk about recreating it.  This way you can choose the size and any other changes you would like to fit your needs.  Since all of my work is one of a kind, yours will still be an original.  These pieces might also give you some ideas for new originals as well.  I hope you enjoy the show.

Super Sam
At  the moon
I see you
Piper Brothers
One Nation Under God
The Quarter
Under the stars
Through The Trees
Winters Halo
Moonlight Path
Fall Road
Cry a River
Seaside Swirl Clock
Color Wheel Clock
Lollipop Clock
Color Rays Clock
Autumns Fall
Sunset 01
Calla Lili
Birds of Paradise
Pink Poppy
Milky Way
Rainbow Bridge
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