My Process

Pieces are planned out but I also allow the materials to take over and highly influence the final outcome. Piece by piece they are built and realized, allowing me to embrace the process as much if not more than the final piece. There are approximately 256 beads per square inch, an average 16"x24" piece can contain approximately 98,308 small seed beads. The number will vary based on the size and shape of the bead.

Ideas are sketched out and transferred to the canvas but I let the beads dictate the color and texture scheme. Using the various cuts, styles, lengths and shades to their best advantage I allow the beads to create the color flow and brilliance of each piece. By incorporating other materials I can create dividers and textural differences that allow people to close their eyes and still see the image through touch. My goal is to make the image not simply beautiful but immersive and tactile as well.

Sabrina Frey                    850-567-8517


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