DIY Bead Mosaic Kits 

While I make custom, commissioned advanced bead mosaic art, travel around the country to art festivals and facilitate workshops, my customers have been asking for DIY kits.  So I am excited to introduce the DIY Bead Mosaic Kits designed by me... Sabrina Frey. 

These kits are recommended for people 10 years and older.  My goal is for you to have as much fun as I do creating your own bead mosaic.  The kit designs are my ideas and creations but are not the same as getting an original piece.  As you know every one of my originals get a piece of my heart in every detail. However, you can have a taste of the fun I experience everyday for only $49.95.  I've simplified things and made sure you have all the instruction you could need, including YouTube videos walking you through the steps along with the instruction sheet and pre-cut and measured supplies. 

The toolkit is sold separately because you only need one to create endless kits.  The tools included are specially designed for bead artists.  These are the same tools I use everyday, including the non-magnetic tweezers, stainless steel bead scooper and exacto knife.  It also comes with sorting trays, the mixing bottle and a durable case to keep them organized.  You are going to love creating these bead mosaics, and dont forget to share on social media so we can see your beautiful creation.