Facts and Questions


What are they made out of?

  • All of my mosaics have one thing in common, they are made using GLASS beads.  Sometimes other components such as crystals, glass paint,  jewelry fittings and other accents are also incorporated into the design.  I make them all on a solid surface to ensure the integrity of the piece and that the beads will forever be secure, then they are sealed with a non-yellowing acrylic glaze.  

  • The solid surface will probably include a repurposed product such as a cabinet door, serving tray, or reclaimed wood.  I try help our environment as much as possible by giving these types of products new life.  This also means that not all the frames are in perfect condition, but who among us can say that either.  Life has a way of showing itself and that’s what makes us unique.  Many of my pieces were designed specifically for the frame or boards being used, it’s another aspect that makes them one-of-a-kind.  The specific product description will tell you what type of surface was used for that particular piece.


How do I care for my bead mosaic?

  • Immersive and tactile would mean nothing if you couldn't touch it.  As a toucher I couldn't dream of creating something that wasn't durable enough to be interacted with.  Go ahead and touch all you want, let your guests touch it too.  Yes, some beads can be picked off if you really want to, but to casual everyday touch they will hold up nicely, so enjoy yourself, because sometimes you just can't help it.

  • Your bead mosaic looks delicate but believe me it is much stronger than you think.  The easiest way to clean it is to use a clean (preferably new) dry paint brush and just brush the dust off.  If something spills on it you can take a wet cloth and wipe it off, do not soak it in water for extended periods of time.


Can it be placed in the sun, moist areas or outside?

  • Please hang it in the sun as the direct sunlight will bring on the sparkle and not harm the beads, the color is in the glass and they are sealed for protection as well.

  • Only hang it outside if it was created to be outside.  This is because the frames are not intended to be exposed to the elements.  I am happy to create outdoor versions if that is your intent, just contact me for details.

  • Moist areas are fine, bathrooms and high humidity won’t hurt anything.


 When and how is it shipped?

  • For existing inventory ground shipping in the continental US is included with purchase.  Since your bead mosaic is made using a solid backer, they are very sturdy, and I pack them myself to ensure they are well protected.  Smaller pieces usually ship via US Postal Service and larger ones via FedEx.  Typically, it takes 2-3 days for processing and you will receive a tracking number as soon as possible.  If there are any delays on my end, you will be notified right away.

  • If you need gift wrapping just let me know the occassion and I'm happy to wrap it before packaging and even include a card if necessary.

  • Most pieces will come in a custom made suede bag, or box, created just for the piece.  The bag is signed and includes the name of the piece.  A video showing specifics can be seen on the shop page.  Larger and custom pieces will be carefully packed but do not include the bag.


What if I don’t like it or my needs change?

  • Sometimes things just don’t work in your space, I get that.  Just let me know and we can exchange it easily.  Maybe it’s too small and we need to make a larger one, or the colors might not work, that’s OK too.  You will receive a full credit for your purchase toward another bead mosaic.  If you move and the piece no longer works in your new space, you are welcome to exchange it for another with a full credit of your original purchase price.  Just keep the certificate of authenticity and return it to me with the mosaic.  Shipping to the client is paid by me and shipping to me is paid by the client.


 How do I commission a piece?

  • I love to create commissions for clients and working with you to make one of your designs a reality gives me great joy.  It does take time though.  As you can imagine this is a long process taking sometimes weeks or months to produce one piece.  We will discuss the design, delivery time and costs up front with all the details necessary for me to get started.  If I have any questions during the process, I’ll contact you.  Payment is expected before the work begins.

Certificate of Authenticity?

  • When I started created bead mosaics, it was a lonely place so the search for other bead artists began.   After finding a select few it was easy to see that our styles are all so different you could easily recognize who the artist was.  As a former educator my soul calls out to share knowledge with others, but with sharing unfortunately comes imitation.  My bead mosaic's can now be found all over social media as well as my tutorials and videos on how I create it.  This helps you, the collector, as well as those who want to try creating something.  Sadly, I have also been notified by my fans of other people trying to directly copy my work and recreate patterns of my designs.  To ehlp protect you all of my work is signed and numbered on the back and includes the certificate of authenticity that will arrive separate from your original piece.  Please keep this certificate as proof of it’s one-of-a-kind status and worth.  (only postcards and tiles do not include a certificate.)

Please feel free contact me directly for any other questions.