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Sabrina Frey is a professional award winning artist dedicated to expanding the artistic possibilities of her chosen medium, Glass Beads.  Thinking beyond traditional beading methods of the past she has developed many innovative techniques for highlighting the beads personality.  

As a nature lover Sabrina uses her beads to represent life by creating highly detailed representational art of animals, landscapes and the elements.  The beading techniques she has developed allow her to create immersive and tactile mosaics that embody the DNA of each piece. As with nature they are a diverse aggregate of smaller parts that make one cohesive and unique body.  

Protecting the world she loves is also a priority so she uses many repurposed materials such as cabinet doors and serving trays to create her work.  These sturdy bases are given new life and add to the uniqueness of each piece.  As a former academic Sabrina enjoys sharing her discoveries with others and has played a major role in expanding and growing interest in bead mosaics.


John 1:3 Through him God made all things: not one thing in all creation was made without Him.
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