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Yes, I do offer private online lessons for those interested in learning my techniques. Private lessons cost $75 per hour and are done one-on-one at a scheduled time. If you're interested please contact me so we can talk about the details.


For more information on my techniques you can subscribe to my YouTube channels.  

  • Bead Mosaic has tutorials available and

  • Sabrina Frey Art has videos of completed artwork.  


You can also join my Facebook group Bead Mosaic to meet with other bead lovers, ask questions, learn new techniques and follow their journey into this art form.

Current Workshop Schedule:

Remote Mini Workshops

July 26 Denver, CO - Beginner, July 27 Denver, CO Advanced

In Studio Workshops for 2022

August 20 - Beginner

October 22 - Beginner


The great news is that you can purchase a DIY bead Mosaic kit complete with video instruction and all the materials necessary to create your own 8x10 art piece at any time.  Click here for more information.

Intro to Bead Mosaics

Here are a few short 1 minute videos to introduce you to my process.  For longer more detailed videos you can find me on YouTube at the Sabrina Frey Art or the Bead Mosaic channels.  You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook to watch new videos.