Seed Bead Basics

I get a lot of questions about the types of beads used to create my mosaics.  The greatest percentage of beads are seed beads, but that answer is a very broad one as there are so many shapes and sizes.  Here is a chart I recently created to answer all your questions about seed beads.  I challenge you to look closely at your mosaic (if you have one of mine) and try to pick out how many different types are used.  It would be interesting to break it out by piece.  After looking closely, you can probably get a better idea of the amount of inventory I have in my studio. Most bead stores would be envious.  The greater my choices the more depth I can create.  One of the secrets to my success with color gradients to my ability to blend various bead types together for specific effects.  This took years of practice and learning the beads personalities and how they react to each other.  My obsession for buying beads has paid off over the years and my passion for all things beads has grown.  You can also watch a detailed explaination video of this chart with examples shown on my Bead Mosaic YouTube channel.               I hope you enjoy the chart and re-enjoy your Sabrina Frey original bead mosaic.