The Beatles

The Weekly Beading 4

Here comes the Sun and Strawberry Fields - Las Vegas is such a fun place to visit. Not being a gambler I really enjoy the architecture and shows most.  Several years ago we were given a trip to Vegas to watch the Super Bowl and enjoy other activities.  One of the shows we got to see was the Beatles Cirque du’ Soleil’ show.  I like the Beatles but am not a huge fan so figured it would be fun entertainment.  Wow was it ever.  As with all Cirque shows they are colorful, magical and captivating.  The way they interpret music and motion is a marvel.  This particular show had the added bonus of making you feel like you were on a Trip with the Beatles for two hours.  It was so inspiring and my fingers began to itch for my sketchbook.  Every song was complimented with colors and patterns and movement, what’s not to love.  When they began playing Strawberry Fields I couldn’t hold back any longer and had to sneak a few pictures because I could see the mosaic I would create.  It had to come alive.   

Here comes the sun would be the perfect name for a yellow sun mosaic that I had started sketching before leaving for our trip.  The name was perfect for the radiating ripples of sunlight and various shades of yellow I would use.  It kind of gives you that feeling of falling into the sunlight head first and disappearing into the brightness.  Years before I had created a mosaic called Blue Move with was full of shades of color, moving lines and bubbles floating around.  These two new mosaics would be the perfect way for the move series to continue and pay tribute to these iconic songs.  The right cabinet doors were just waiting in my studio for their turn to be a canvas.  The stained glass style would be the perfect accent for the bright pinks and yellows floating around these Move mosaics.  Luckily for you both are still in my collection waiting for the perfect Beatles fans to take them home.