Bleeding Heart

The Weekly Beading 2

Bleeding Heart – Walking through Costco can be it’s own sensory adventure.  New products to taste and smell placed at every corner for your enjoyment.  While browsing the specialty meat section I ran across a picture of a prosciutto ham on the packing label for the same product.  Although the packaged meat did not look as pretty as it’s picture the spiral pattern on the label is what caught my eye.  I was getting ready to start a mosaic that I wanted to look rose like (a bit more contemporary rather than literal) but couldn’t quit figure out the layout.  Lucky for me this was the exact pattern I had been searching for.  I was so excited and began taking pictures of the package immediately.  The surrounding shoppers were a bit perplexed at my reaction but enjoyed my excitement. (Show picture).  

The inspiration picture I took while browsing through Costco
Starting outline using only red bugle beads, paint unnderneath keeps gaps to a minimum.

Now I could get started.  Background and base chosen the solid gray cabinet door had been waiting for it’s turn and here it was. To keep me on my toes I like to create certain parameters for some pieces.  Here I challenged myself to only use Red and black.  I would use every type of black bead I had and see what the differences would be. Red bugles make up the outline and black sections filled with everything from basic round seeds to square and broken glass make up the inner petals. Just like all the dark events in life that can lead to a bleeding heart.  It’s almost like a quilt sampler allowing me to compare the look and challenges of each bead type in one place. 
The final Bleeding Rose turned out spectacular with the blacks creating a wonderful textural experience while supporting the brighter red outline.  Set against a simple grey backdrop it was the perfect compliment.  Although Bleeding Heart has visited a few galleries over the years it remains in my collection until the right home comes along. Someone who would enjoy exploring the various patterns and textures it has to offer.  It’s the type of mosaic that will present something new every time you look at it.